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Board Members

President- Judy Strack

Vice- President- Gretchen Lansing

Secretary- Caitlin Wargo

Members- Eden Terrell, Andrea Barry, Laura Coffin, Kirsten Lynch, Angela Levitt,  Kim Andersen

The Lake Placid After School Program Board of Directors is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing excellence in after school programming.  The Board  welcomes your feedback and questions about the program.  Board meetings are held monthly, and we are always looking for new members, especially parents of children in the program and other community members with relevant interests and expertise.  Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about joining.

Be a Board Member

LPES Afterschool Program asks you….
Why Not Be A Board Member?
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In a program that makes a difference in the lives of children in our community

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Looking to Make a Difference?

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School begins September 6th.  Where is your child going after school?


Dear Parents and Guardians:


Welcome to the Lake Placid After School Program!  We are grateful  and blessed to be able to offer another year of  affordable child care after school while surrounding schools have had to close their after school program doors due to not enough  funding.  Lake Placid residence understand the need to keep children safe, educated and active.  Thank you for 25 years of commitment and success in keeping our area youth a top priority.

This handbook is designed to give parents and guardians a helpful insight into the after school program offered by the Lake Placid Child Care Committee.  It includes detailed information about After School Program activities, procedures, and policies.  Please read this handbook carefully and keep it in a safe place for easy reference during the school year.

The L.P. After School Program strives to provide an atmosphere where children can enjoy, grow, and learn.  The staff always welcomes suggestions and ideas that will help us to make your child’s time at the after school program beneficial and rewarding.  We encourage you to share you thoughts and ideas with us at anytime.


Many thanks goes to the Lake Placid After School Board for their ongoing commitment to the after school program, to the Lake Placid Central School district for housing the program and for providing transportation for our trips, to the staff of the after school program for their energy and the outstanding job they do with the children each and every day, and to the parents and guardians of the children in the after school program for their continued support and encouragement.  The children benefit greatly from the many special qualities contributed to the after school program by so many wonderful and caring people!


If you have any questions about the content of this book, please feel free to call me at 524-2468.  I look forward to the time that we will be spending together.




Kristen Boslet

Program Director


It's 2:30 do you know where your child is?

Why After School Programs

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Pyramid of Fun

Pyramid of Fun

please email me and I will send you the handbook and application.


Field Trips Galore!

The Lake Placid After School Program is very lucky to have the support of it's community to create a learning environment that is fun and exciting for its children.  For the past several years we have been able to increase our field trips to amazing levels.  Some of the cool things we do are: tubing at Mt. Pisgah, swimming at North Country Community College, tobogganing on Mirror Lake, rock climbing at High Peaks Cyclery, mountain biking at Mt. Van Ho., bowling at Bowl Winkles, hiking the Penninsula Trail and Henry's Woods, pottery and paining at the high school , attend movies at the Palace Theater, sewing lessons, science and math lessons at the high school, ice skating and so much more!

Why Lake Placid After School Program


Lake Placid After School Program


It’s 2:50pm, what can my child be doing?

The Lake Placid After School Program (LPASP) offers a stimulating alternative to your child’s after school time.  If you are a parent whose job or other commitments keep you away from home during after school hours, LPASP can provide your child with an opportunity for physical and creative learning experiences in a safe, loving a supervised atmosphere.


Who can attend the Lake Placid After School Program?

LPASP is open to school age children in grades K-5 of the Lake Placid Elementary School.


When does my child attend?

LPASP is open from 2:50pm to 5:30 pm., Monday through Friday, throughout the Lake Placid School calendar ( September to June)


Where does my child attend?

Our program is housed in the Lake Placid Elementary School Cafeteria.


What does LPASP offer?

  • Nutritious snacks
  • Homework supervision
  • Indoor and outdoor recreation
  • Arts & crafts                                      
  • Special Celebrations
  • Field trips
  • Computer use
  • Social interaction


How much will it cost?

Enrollment is for a full week or part of a week.  The fee is based on the number of days of attendance and is available upon request.


We look forward to meeting with your child.

Respect and Understanding

Respect and Understanding